Chapter 1, Section 4

Homebred: Chapter 1, Section 4

Opening the drapes on Sunday Morning, Anna knew from the uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach this wasn’t going to be a good day. She gazed out at the gloomy clouds hovering over the North Carolina Mountains.  Trouble was brewing.  With this kind of heat, the only relief came with a storm. Out of habit, she reached for her dress.  Church had never been important to her, but her grandmother would be mortified if she didn’t join her in the pew the McAllisters’ had bought in the town’s First  Baptist church.  The last dab of lipstick had just been applied when the phone rang.  Anna dropped the lipstick onto the dressing table.  She sure didn’t have time for wrong numbers this morning.  She’d not answer it. It could just ring.  She’d soon be out the door.

Jamming on blue heels to match her floral print dress, she grabbed her purse and rushed toward the living room. The phone rang again, calling to her in its musical tones.  She’d better answer it.  Maybe her grandmother wasn’t going to church.  In that case, she had plenty of work to keep her busy.  Grabbing the receiver, she said, “Anna McAllister, may I help you.”

“I know you’re gonna try and help Morris.  Don’t, or you’ll be sorry.  Leave him alone,” echoed an unintelligible voice in her ear. The receiver hit the floor and that’s where she left it as she rushed out the door.

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