Child of Mine

Child of Mine


Eva McCall

One day I comforted a small child’s cry

For a mother who had gone away

But to no avail.

Then a man’s hand reached out and

touched the child and said,

“I love you still.

Yesterday a young girl looked at me

with eyes filled with agony and said,

“Why doesn’t someone care?”

Then the man’s hand reached out and

brushed a tear from her check and said,

“Child of mine I care.”

Today an old woman reached out to me

and said, “I’m afraid to die.”

The man reached out and caressed the

well-worn hand and said,

“Fear not, I am always with you.”

Then I turned and looked at this man

and said, “Lord, you know I can’t.”

And his gentle face smiled back at me

and he said, “Not you,but I.”

…this man from Galilee.