Edge of Heaven

41CDFRKAVHLEdge of Heaven depicts stories that were heard from the real Lucy Davenport Carpenter. Edge of Heavenis a spirited account of family life in western North Carolina at the turn of the century. In the late 1890s, rural life was often threatened by illness, poverty, and violence, but was softened by the love of family and the surrounding beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. This 15-year anniversary edition recaptures the magic readers felt by McCall’s imagination that brilliantly incorportates fact with fiction.

Praise for Eva McCall and Edge of Heaven:

“I absolutely loved Edge of Heaven. Thank you for sending it along to me. I love the way you write.” — Dolly Parton

What a heartwarming book! I could not put it down. As soon as I finished this great book, I immediately started the next one. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Kudos to Eva McCall!”— Linda Roberts, Amazon Customer

“This book will make you laugh, cry and cling to the book even more than you thought was possible. And the journey doesn’t stop there.” — Tyler Cook, WCU student

“Eva McCall captures the texture of everyday life so beautifully in Edge of Heaven, a book to treasure.” —Lee Smith, North Carolina author