Murder on Haint Branch

MurderOnHaint6x9-page-001Murder on Haint Branch is an 80,000 word mystery novel set in Western North Carolina. Infidelity, moonshining, a crooked lawman, and a self-serving preacher are the building blocks for the novel. From the moment the sheriff tells Eula Sanders that her son, Charlie, has been shot, until the last few pages where we find out why Charlie died, the reader is given a glimpse into the way life really was for the Appalachian People in the early forties.

“I loved your previous books, Edge of Heaven and Children of the Mountain. Can’t wait to read Murder on Haint Branch.” –Dolly Parton

“A gripping mystery and a sensitive coming-of-age story, told with an authentic voice.” –Barbara McRae, columnist

Anyone will go to the extreme…even in the mountains. Eva McCall brilliantly portrays this in Murder on Haint Branch with her deep and complex characters and controversial issues that no one dares speak of. –Tyler Cook, WCU Student

“As an avid reader of Ms McCall’s, I am once again drawn into the drama unfolding on the page. I believe this to be the best of the best of her works, truly having found her voice as this riveting mystery unfolds, along about…page one. An excellent accomplishment.” –Londa L. Woody, (All in a Day’s Work–Shaking Hands with Fame–Dancin’ on the Wood Box)

“A tale of mystery—murder—and love gone wrong.” –Deanna Laurence, journalist

“Eva McCall writes from family tales. Her Uncle Charlie really did mysteriously die. And to this day no one knows who did it, or do they?” –Pamela K. Keyser (The Red Glass Memoir: From Abuse Hell to Living Well)