Moonshine Press

Page by Tyler Cook, co-founder of Moonshine Press

viewlogoCA40B5X3In early 2013, I became publisher and co-founder of the publishing company, Moonshine Press. The project began in late 2012, when Eva McCall, local Franklin author, and my great-aunt, expressed interest in publishing her manuscript, Murder on Haint Branch. While I didn’t have experience in either publishing or running a publishing company, I was eager to learn in what I knew would be an exciting venture.

On April 1, 2013, after working on the publication of Murder on Haint Branch for over 6 months, the book was published. During those six months, I worked with Barbara McRae, former editor of The Franklin Press and editor of MOHB, Suzanne Harouff, owner of Books Unlimited, and the Dolly Parton management, who endorsed MOHB on the back cover. Since the release date, the book has sold close to a thousand copies, with copies continuing to be sold everyday.

In the summer of 2013, Eva expressed interest in publishing her oldest manuscript, Button Box. Several months afterward, Eva began the editing process and pursued a release date for early 2014. On January 14, 2014, Button Box was released to much anticipation. Without much promotion, the book has sold hundreds of copies with many more sales on the horizon.